Why do so many people choose Pedi in a box?

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Why do so many people choose Pedi in a box?

Pedi in a box has a long history in our Chinese medicine culture. As early as our ancient times, there were many classic records and descriptions. The benefits and effects of a Pedicure spa set are naturally beneficial to our human body. So what are the benefits and effects of Pedi in a box?

Here is the content list:

  • Promote circulation

  • Regulatory nerve

  • Shujing Huoxue

Promote circulation

Blood flows through the circulatory system consisting of the heart and blood vessels, delivering nutrients and removing waste. Promoting blood circulation is essential to the health of the body. A healthy person has a pair of feet, but have you ever thought about how much pressure the feet bear? Every step taken, a 68kg person will bear 260kg of pressure on his feet. Therefore proper Pedi in a box is necessary. The feet are the farthest from the heart in the human body. If the peripheral circulation of the feet is obstructed, it will easily lead to poor blood circulation, which in turn will lead to poor metabolism and decreased function of tissues and organs throughout the body. Using Pedi in a box for foot massage can make the blood circulation of the feet smooth, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, accelerate the body's metabolism, supplement nutrition, and make your body run healthily and normally.

Regulatory nerve

The nervous system is the leading regulating mechanism in the body. Nervous tissue spreads all over the body and plays an extremely important role in controlling and regulating body activities. The important and complex physiological functions of nervous tissue are accomplished through reflex activities, and the basis for completing such activities is neurons. Neurons ensure the unity of the body through reflex activities so that the functional activities of various organs can better adapt to changes in the external environment. And our feet are distributed with very rich nerve tissue, through Pedi in a box to effectively stimulate the plantar reflex area, the functions of the corresponding tissues and organs can be adjusted, so that the normal ones are stronger, and the abnormal ones can be improved and restored.

Shujing Huoxue

Meridians have the function of connecting viscera and limbs. The organs and organs of the human body, the limbs, the nine orifices, muscles, bones, skin, and other tissues and organs of the human body mainly rely on the communication of the meridian system to make the body harmonious and unified. Meridians have the functions of running qi and blood, nourishing the whole body, resisting external evils, and protecting the body. The meridian belongs to the internal organs, and the external collaterals are in the limbs, communicating between the internal organs and the body surface, connecting the internal organs, tissues, and organs of the human body into an organic whole. Among the twelve meridians of the human body, six meridians reach the foot, namely the three yin meridians of the foot (spleen meridian of foot Taiyin, liver meridian of foot Jueyin, kidney meridian of foot Shaolin), three yang meridians of the foot (stomach meridian of foot yang ming, meridian of foot shaoyang) gallbladder meridian, bladder meridian of foot sun). Through Pedi in a box treatment, it can dredge the meridians, relieve pain, regulate and restore the functions of the human viscera, so that the functions of the disordered and diseased viscera can be repaired and adjusted, and then recovery can be achieved.

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