What types of Nail Drills are there?

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What types of Nail Drills are there?

With the development of the nail art industry, nail art tools are becoming more and more professional, and there are more and more varieties. Consumables include nail polish series, phototherapy series, crystal series, jewelry series, painting series, special nail pens, etc. The hardware includes a nail table, nail chair, nail lamp, nail machine, etc. There are many types of nail accessories, and they are changing with each passing day, such as nail stickers, glitter, gold and silver threads, sequins, etc. When manicurists use these nail drills to dress up nails for customers, do you know the classification of these nail drills?

Here is the content list:

  • Rhinestones in Nail Drill

  • Acrylic drill in Nail Drill

Rhinestones in Nail Drill

The rhinestone in Nail Drill is a common name, and its main component is artificial crystal, artificial crystal is high lead glass or lead crystal glass, that is, 24% lead oxide is added to ordinary glass (the composition is silicon dioxide), you will get artificial crystals with brightness and transparency similar to natural crystals, and rhinestones are a kind of jewelry accessories obtained by cutting artificial crystals into diamond facets. Because this material is more economical, it also has a diamond-like eye-catching visual effect. Therefore, it is very popular with customers in high-end nail salons. The main use of rhinestones in Nail Drill is still in the design of mid-to-high-end jewelry. Nail Drill Austrian drills and Czech drills are also a kind of water drills. At present, the main manufacturing sites of man-made crystals in the world are located on the north and south banks of the Rhine River. Among them, those produced on the north bank are called Austrian drills, referred to as Austrian drills, and those born on the south bank are called Czech diamonds. Diamond, the sunlight absorbed is still very good, but the luster is not as good as that of Austrian diamond.

Acrylic drill in Nail Drill

Nail Drill, also known as bench drill, is a diamond shape made of acrylic, and acrylic is plexiglass. Strictly speaking, acrylic is not a diamond, but a product between plastic and glass. The acrylic drills in Nail Drill are the most affordable in nail art. Although it looks very shiny, the cut surface is not very obvious, and the acrylic drill in the Nail Drill itself cannot refract light, and the bottom paint layer is reflecting, so its brilliance cannot see the natural color, and it looks very cheap.

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