What are the precautions for using wax beads?

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What are the precautions for using wax beads?

Using wax beads for hair removal is suitable for large-area temporary hair removal. Use hair removal wax, heat it to melt it, apply it on the skin along the direction of the hair, and then stick a layer of cloth. After cooling down slightly, peel off the cloth along the direction of hair growth. Wax beads hair removal is divided into two types: frozen wax and hot wax. The main component of frozen wax is a variety of resins, which are highly adhesive, soluble in water, and in the form of a gel. It can be directly applied to the skin where the hair is to be removed without heating and adheres closely to the skin without discomfort. It is suitable for hair removal on sensitive parts of the skin. Hot wax is a mixture of beeswax and resin. It is generally in a solid state and needs to be heated to melt before use. It can be applied to the skin only when the temperature is lowered to a suitable level for the skin.

Here is the content list:

  • The appropriate length of hair

  • Avoid skin wounds

  • Avoid hair removal before travel

The appropriate length of hair

Before using wax beads for hair removal, it is very important to pay attention to the length of the hair. If it is too short, it will not be easy to remove, and if it is too long, it will waste wax. Before using wax beads at home for hair removal, it is best to trim or grow the hair to about one centimeter. Because the hair is too long, wax is wasted when waxing, and hot wax is not easy to apply evenly and touch the skin. Instead, the wax and hair will only stay on the surface and entangle with each other, resulting in the dilemma of "broken hair, continuous hair root"; You can Before hair removal, use stainless steel round head beauty trimming scissors to help trim the hair. The round head design is safe to operate, and you are not afraid of the sharp pain left by the scissors. If the hair is too short, it is not easy to catch the hair when performing wax beads hair removal, which will make the cleaning power of hair removal not obvious.

Avoid skin wounds

Before using wax beads for hair removal, you must first check the current skin condition and avoid wounds as much as possible, including sunburned peeling, unhealed wounds, initial recovery wounds, skin lesions, or skin that is allergic and red and swollen, because this All types of skin are in an inflamed state. If you forcefully use wax beads for hair removal, the heat of the hot wax and the stimulation of tearing the wax will cause repeated damage to the skin, and even aggravate the inflammation.

Avoid hair removal before travel

Try to avoid using wax beads for hair removal before going out for travel. The main reason is that the skin is in a very sensitive state after hair removal. If you go out immediately after hair removal, it is easy to cause redness, swelling, and other inflammation on the skin. Because of travel, there are often more walking needs. When the clothing rubs against the hair removal area excessively, it is like repeatedly irritating the skin in the injured area. In addition, after using wax beads for hair removal, you must not go to hot springs, swimming, surfing, seaside, and other water activities, because the pores of the skin after hair removal are not yet closed, and generally present a "concave" shape. If you do it at this time Water activities can easily expose wounds to bacteria, so you must remember to remove hair 4 to 7 days before traveling! Don't wait until the day before to think about hair removal.

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