What Are The Related Problems of Nail Lamps?

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What Are The Related Problems of Nail Lamps?

Nail lamp, also known as nail phototherapy lamp. It is specially used for drying phototherapy glue in the nail art process and is mostly used in nail salons. Some manicures will rub a layer of nail phototherapy glue on the nails, similar to nail polish, but it is less easy to fall off than nail polish, generally lasts for more than a month, and the price is more expensive than nail polish, generally only used in professional nail salons, because the nail lamp must be used to use nail phototherapy glue, which is the nail phototherapy lamp. There are two kinds of nail lamps, one ultraviolet lamp, and the other LED lamp. The main peak wavelength of ultraviolet light is 370nm, which can have a good drying, sterilization, and disinfection effect, Generally, there are four lamp tubes in a nail lamp, one 9W. Here are some of the most common nail lamp problems, let's take a look together.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the principle of a nail lamp?

  • Is the nail lamp a high-power electrical appliance?

  • Can nail lamps cause cancer?

  • Can the nail lamp be used as ordinary nail polish?

What is the principle of a nail lamp?

The principle of the nail lamp is very simple. It emits ultraviolet rays through the lamps and interacts with the phototherapy glue applied to the nails. Because the glue is added with ingredients that will quickly solidify when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the nail lamp will make the base glue and color glue, And the sealant dries quickly. Ordinary lamps can't dry it because of less ultraviolet light, only nail lamps can.

Is the nail lamp a high-power electrical appliance?

no. Because the power of the led nail lamp is usually the highest at 48 watts, very few will exceed this value, and its power is much lower than most electrical appliances, and it is far from reaching the high-power level. General high-power electrical appliances such as the air conditioner several hundred watts to more than a thousand watts. The nail lamp is far worse, so it is not a dangerous or illegal electrical appliance.

Can nail lamps cause cancer?

Won't. Although the nail lamp emits ultraviolet rays, it will not cause cancer, because the intensity of its ultraviolet rays is not high, and the harm is not so great. It is indeed possible to blacken your fingers, but as long as it is not used for a long time, the harm is very small, so don't worry too much when using it, let alone cause cancer.

Can the nail lamp be used as ordinary nail polish?

cannot. Because a lead nail lamp is an ultraviolet light, it is only effective for phototherapy glue for manicures. As mentioned earlier, the composition of this glue is something that dries when exposed to ultraviolet light, which is different from ordinary nail polish, so it will be used with a nail lamp. High-quality nail polish will dry quickly on the nails, and it does not need to be illuminated and will not affect the effect of use.

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