Tools for pedicure & manicure set

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Tools for pedicure & manicure set

The nail culture originated in the development of human civilization, and first appeared in the people's religious, and ritual activities, people will fingers, and arms painted with various patterns, to ask the gods to bless and get rid of evil. When it comes to nail art, it is natural to think of the hands, which are the specific "practitioners" of human beings throughout the process of civilization, and are an important part of the human body, which has played a huge and indispensable role in the process of human civilization. Nowadays, it has mainly evolved into decorating and painting on nails. Disposable pedicure kits and disposable manicure kits are very common tools for manicures in this day and age.

The following is a list of contents:

l Introduction of tools for pedicure & manicure set

l Tools used in pedicure & manicure set

Introduction of pedicure & manicure set tools

The disposable pedicure kit and disposable manicure kit include many tools. For example, the pumice stone is mainly used to remove the healing tissue. Nail dust brush for cleaning the dust generated during the nail repair process. Separator, for separating the toes from each other to avoid losing your hand during the coloring process. Nail file, for trimming the leading edge of the natural nail. The liner is used to separate the footbath from the water.

Tools used in pedicure & manicure set

The manicure pedicure set contains many basic tools needed to repair the nails during the manicure process, so they are the first and extremely important step in the manicure process because only when they are trimmed well, can they be better colored and made. The manicure pedicure set contains tool one, nail buffer, for nail surface and front end trimming and smoothing, the hand must be light when sanding, one after the other, so The nail surface, should be smoothed. Tool two, polishing stick, used to remove bumps and nail surface stains on the natural nail, used before polishing, force to be proportional to avoid over-polishing. Tool three, nail scissors, there are flat, beveled two, first with dull nail scissors to cut out the required length, the application of beveled nails properly cut off both sides of the nail, in the use of nail scissors take care not to cut to the flesh. Tool four, the shining buffer, is dedicated to the surface of the nail meticulous polishing, at this time always be carried out along a direction, and not polish back and forth. Tool five, pumice(or dead skin pusher), can file the nails and nails around the attached dead skin, soak your hands with warm water and dry them, then wipe the skin softener, then use it to gently push away the softened excess cuticles. Tool six, nail file, coarse particles at one end and fine at the other end, used to trim out the shape of your nails. Tool seven, the nail brush, is used for a large overall cleaning of the fingertips including the nails to make them cleaner.

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