Operation method and precautions of Wax Heater

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Operation method and precautions of Wax Heater

One common compound that often requires heat is wax, an organic compound that has a plastic texture at room temperature. The wax starts to melt at 44°C, resulting in a low viscosity grade. A processing plant in Wisconsin had seven 500-gallon liquefied wax tanks and needed to maintain a constant temperature throughout the liquefied wax tank area. At first, manufacturers used gas heating for the task, but problems with uneven heat distribution and smoke in the work area complicated the process. Some deposits of solid wax appeared randomly and caused problems in production. So let's take a look at the operation method and precautions of a Wax Heater.

Here is the content list:

  • The operation method of the Wax Heater

  • Precautions for using Wax Heater

The operation method of the Wax Heater

In use, you only need to pull the seal with a little force, then put 100g of wax into the wax heater warmer and heat it to a fluid state and a suitable temperature. The skin is kept clean and dry, and the direction of hair growth is analyzed. Then invert the Wax Heater bottle to allow the wax to flow into the roll-on wax head. Then hold the Wax Heater bottle tightly to the skin at an angle of about 45 degrees, put the wax head close to the skin, roll along the direction of the hair, and apply a layer of wax on the skin. Be quick when applying wax to ensure a thin and even wax layer inside the wax heater warmer. Then attach the depilatory paper, press lightly, and smooth it back and forth, so that the depilatory paper, Wax Heater, and hair stick together tightly. Tighten the skin of the depilatory area, then pinch one end of the depilatory paper, and quickly tear off the depilatory paper against the direction of hair growth, and the hair will be pulled out together with the depilatory paper. Finally, treat the depilated skin with a skin-friendly lotion.

Precautions for using Wax Heater

When placing it, it is recommended to place the Wax Heater horizontally and away from heat sources. If the Wax Heater becomes sticky due to high temperature, please store it in the refrigerator out of reach of children. When using, do not use on varicose veins, abscesses, broken, sunburned, or other damaged skin, and do not leave Wax Heater or wax paper on the skin for too long; it is recommended to try a small area before use to determine No allergies. It is not advisable to use water or alcohol to clean the residual wax on the skin after hair removal. Do not swim or expose to the sun within 24 hours.

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