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Mint Pedicure Spa Tablet in Bucket 4000pcs

Noval pedicure tablets are small dissolvable tablets specifically designed for foot care during pedicure treatments. They are formulated with various ingredients such as cleansing agents, essential oils, and soothing additives to enhance the pedicure experience.
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Indulge in Luxurious Foot Pampering with Our Pedicure Spa Tablets

Step into a world of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our Pedicure Spa Tablets. Designed for professional spas and salons, these tablets are the perfect addition to your foot care routine. Immerse your feet in a luxurious blend of essential oils, minerals, and natural extracts, and experience the transformative power of our indulgent foot spa treatment.

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Effervescent Tablets for a Revitalizing Foot Spa Treatment

Our Pedicure Spa Tablets are specially formulated to provide a truly invigorating and revitalizing foot spa experience. As the tablets dissolve in warm water, they release a delightful effervescence that gently cleanses, softens, and nourishes your feet. Feel the stress melt away as the soothing blend of ingredients works its magic, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and pampered.

High-Quality and Safe for All Skin Types

Crafted with care, our Pedicure Spa Tablets are made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring their efficacy and safety. Free from harsh chemicals, they are gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types. Your clients can enjoy a pampering session without any worries, as our tablets prioritize their well-being and comfort.

Wholesale Options for Your Business

As a wholesaler, we offer flexible packaging options to suit your salon's needs. Whether you prefer bucket, jars, or customized containers, we can help you create a branded packaging solution that aligns with your salon's style and aesthetic. Stand out from the competition and provide a memorable experience for your clients.

Elevate your pedicure services and offer your clients a luxurious foot spa treatment with our Pedicure Spa Tablets. Contact us today to explore wholesale pricing and packaging options tailored to your business requirements. Transform ordinary pedicures into extraordinary experiences and leave your clients feeling pampered and rejuvenated.



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