Introduction of pumice stone for feet

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Introduction of pumice stone for feet

The feet are a body organ used for walking and running around, and it is a very critical body organ that has many effects on the body. The pumice stone for feet provides a professional salon experience that removes calluses and corns from the feet, making the skin look fresh, soft, smooth, and youthful. Using pumice stone for feet for natural foot callus rubbing is not irritating to the skin and there is no need to worry about liquid chemical healing tissue removal gel damaging your foot skin. Instead, using a pumice stone for feet can be considered regular maintenance for your feet.

The following is a list of contents:

l Specifications of pumice stone for feet

l Use of pumice stone for feet

Specifications of pumice stone for feet

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to the maintenance of various parts of the body, and the feet are no exception. Feet are used for walking and almost support the large overall weight of the body, so the degree of skin wear and calluses on the feet can be more serious than other parts, and although the feet are not often exposed, their maintenance should be essential. Proper foot care can improve sleep quality, health, and beauty, promote metabolism, etc. Our company introduces pumice stone for feet product, a tool used to help people with foot care. pumice stone for feet is mainly used in nail salons or at home, mainly to remove healing tissue, its material is polyurethane foam and is coarse gravel, mainly divided into simple rough, medium rough, and super rough. It is available in a variety of colors, such as purple, orange, and yellow, and we can also customize it according to the customer's preferred color. Its size is 8x3.4x1.2 cm or customized size according to the customer's requirement. Its packaging is 40 pcs in a bag, 10 bags in a box, and 4 boxes in a case.

Use of pumice stone for feet

Pumice stone for feet has the effect of promoting blood circulation in the feet and a healthy second heart of the human body. Using pumice stone for feet, on one hand, can effectively remove the dead skin on the feet, making the skin of the feet more polished and comfortable. On the other hand, it is also a gentle massage for the feet, which helps to promote blood circulation in the feet. The use of pumice stone for feet is also straightforward to get started. First, wash your feet with warm water, soak the calloused skin of your feet in warm water until you feel the skin of your feet become soft, and it is recommended that your feet be infiltrated for at least 10 minutes before using the foot pumice stone. Secondly, the foot pathway is carried out, with a wet pumice stone for the feet with soapy water and rubbed gently with a circular motion on the healing tissue, appropriate rubbing is needed at the dead skin and thick rigid cuticle of the foot to make the skin more polished. Our company's disposable pumice stone for feet is suitable for professional pedicure technicians and salons and is made of high-quality pumice material and is highly effective in removing calluses.

Our company is a direct supplier of goods and can also provide the corresponding samples. The pumice stone for feet we offer is very cost-effective and competitively priced. Over the years, we have dealt with various countries to learn more about the local market and offer our guests better products. Understanding the needs of our customers helps us to keep improving. Not only that, but we also have extensive and professional experience in shipping, which helps to deliver the products to the doorstep on time. If you are interested in our company's pumice stone for feet, you can check our company website:, we look forward to hearing from you.


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