How to choose the Press on Nails that suits you

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How to choose the Press on Nails that suits you

Now more and more women are paying attention to a manicure. Many girls who love beauty will do manicures. Press on Nails is also a type of manicure. These Press on Nails can be bought online and used by themselves instead of going to a manicure shop and can be put on and removed at will. However, it is not easy to find Press on Nails with good quality and suitable for you. I have sorted out the following three purchase points.

Here is the content list:

  • The nail size of Press on Nails (the fitness of the nail and the nail)

  • Press on Nails Nail Quality

  • Type A by Press on Nails

The nail size of Press on Nails (the fitness of the nail and the nail)

First of all, when we choose Press on Nails, the size must be the first choice, because handmade press on nails is finished products, which are different from those made in nail salons. Merchants don't know your nail size, because everyone's nail size is different. Generally speaking, the size of Press on Nails’ nails currently on the market is mainly divided into four categories. The four sizes XS/S/M/L are suitable for most people.

Press on Nails Nail Quality

The quality of the nails is very important. If the quality of the nails is not good, they will look fake and feel cheap. Originally, it was a bonus for girls to do manicures. If the quality of the nails from Press on Nails is not good, and the pursuit of price and convenience is blind, it will feel like picking sesame seeds and losing watermelon.

Type A by Press on Nails

Finally, when it comes to type A, type A is not only Press on Nails but nail art in nail salons. Nail art is an important part of modifying finger blemishes. Different armor types visually modify the hands differently. There are mainly 6 common types of nails on the market, namely: round, square, trapezoidal, almond-shaped, and drop-shaped (pointy). For example, people with wide fingernails are suitable for wearing square nails. It can better modify the nail shape visually; while the trapezoid nail plate is suitable for people with large logarithms. It has the effect of elongating fingers and making fingers look longer; The round shape is more suitable for chubby hands and people with cute style; The drop shape is mostly inclined to European and American style, and it is not recommended for people with thicker fingers. A lot of shortcomings will be exposed on the upper body; the last one is almond type, which is suitable for most people, and the type A type of Press on Nails is very elegant and will make the fingers look very slender.

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