About Noval

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About Noval

Guangzhou Noval Medical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of beauty salon products. The factory is located in Guangzhou, close to many ports and airports, providing convenient and fast freight for foreign trade import and export. Since 2013, we have been committed to supplying salon products worldwide, including disposable nail salon products, deluxe spa kit, various nail tools and related packing, etc.

For years, we deal with various countries and know more about the local market and to develop better products for guests. Learning customer’s demands helps us to makes progress continuously. We are also experienced and professional in shipment which help on-time delivery of products to door.

We offer OEM service,hoping to provide one-stop purchase and help you customize your own salon and .Looking forward to your contact.


We hope to help you customize your own salon and provide one-stop shopping service.Looking forward to your contact!



  Room 3006, Building A1, Lotte Creative Park, KeHua jie, Wushan Road, TianHe District, Guangzhou Shi,Guangdong.


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